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Publications for 1996

Alldridge P - Dealing with Drug Dealing, Harm and Culpability (Editors AP Simester and ATH Smith), Oxford University Press, (1996) 239-257 ISBN 0-19-826057-1

Alldridge P - Consent to Medical and Surgical Treatment - the Law Commission's Recommendations, Medical Law Review 4 2 (1996) 129-143 ISSN 0967-0742

Alldridge P - Module on Inchoate Offences for Law Courseware Consortium IOLIS (2nd Edn 1996) "Anoraks, Suits and Denims: Computers, Law and the Legal Academy" SLSA Conference, Cardiff 1997

Burnet D - Introduction to Housing Law, Cavendish Publishing Ltd, London (1996) pp xxxiii+221 ISBN 1-85941-190-8

Burnet D - The Housing Bill, Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law 1996 2 (1996) 160-162

Burnet D - Housing Law Monitor 3 1-12 (1996) 1-144 ISSN 1352 2191

Butler J S and Merkin R M - Reinsurance Law, Kluwer Publishing, London (1986 - up-dated 4 times a year, including 1996) pp lvi+1000 ISBN 0-90339-338-7

Chu W E and Todd P N - Profits Recoverable in Common Law Tracing Claim: Trustee of the Property of FC Jones and Sons (a Firm) v Jones 5 Web JCL1 (1996) ISSN 1360-1326

Churchill R R - Environmental Rights in Existing Human Rights Treaties, Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection ( Editors A Boyle and M Anderson) Clarendon Press, Oxford (1996) 89-108 ISBN 0-19-826255-8

Churchill R R - Enforcement of the Common Fisheries Policy, with Special Reference to the UK, Enforcing European Community Rules (Editors C Harding and B Swart) Dartmouth, Aldershot (1996) 83-102 ISBN 1-85521-757-0

Churchill R R - The Contribution of Existing Agreements for the Conservation of Terrestrial Species and Habitats to the Maintenance of Biodiversity, International Law and the Conservation of Biological Diversity (Editors M Bowman and C Redgwell) Kluwer Law International, London (1996) 71-89 ISBN 90-411-0863-7

Churchill R R - International Legal Issues Relating to Ocean Storage of CO2: A Focus on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Ocean Storage of Carbon Dioxide (Editor B Ormerod) IEA Greenhouse Gas R & D Programme, Stoke Orchard (1996) 117-126 ISBN 1-89373-04-3

Churchill R R - Norway - Supreme Court Judgment on Law of the Sea Issues, International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 11 (1996) 576-580 ISSN 0927-3522

Churchill R R and Warren L - Effectiveness of Legal Agreements to Protect Global Commons (GEC Programme Briefing No. 9), Global Environmental Change Programme, Brighton (1996) pp 4

Clements L.J.& R. Low-Beer -(1996) "Traveller law review" Legal Action Jan p11.

Clements L.J.& F. Bates - (1996) "New rights for carers" Legal Action Feb p19.

Clements L.J. - (1996) "Charging for residential care" Legal Action Dec p17

Clements L.J. - (1996) "A real act of care" (Carers Act 1995) Community Care 14 March p26.

Clements L.J. - (1996) "Legislating for a change (Community Care Law Reform)" Community Care 12 Sept p24

Clements L.J. - (1996) "The secret weapon (NHS community care responsibilities)" Community Care 17 Oct p28.

Clements L.J. - (1996) "The power behind the home (property disposals avoiding residential care charges)" Community Care 14 Nov p28

Clements L.J. - (1996) "The Carers Act 1995" Law Society Gazette 27 March p21

Clements L.J. - (1996) "Feature law Article"Justices put fortune tellers in low spirits" Times 24 September.

Clements L.J. - (1996) Planning for long term care" The Journal of the Institute of Legal Executives July p40.

Clements L.J. Thomas PA & Thomas R - (1996) "The Rights of Minorities - A Romany Perspective". Bulletin of the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Vol.4 No 4. 1426

Clements L.J. & R Morris - (1996) "Fraudulent Mediums Act" New Law Journal Vol.146 p1574-6;

Clements L.J. - (1994 - Reprinted 1996) "European Human Rights: Taking a case under the Convention" Sweet & Maxwell 338pp (hb)

Clements L.J. - (1996) "Community Care & the Law" Legal Action Group.424pp (pb)

Cobley C - Child Abuse, Crime and Punishment, Contemporary Issues in Law 2 (3)(1996)1-18 ISSN 1357-0374

Cobley C - Overriding Freedom of Publication - Does the Child's Welfare Really Prevail?, Communications Law 1 (2)(1996)81-82 ISSN 1361-9918

Cobley C - Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime, Childright 132 (1996) 7-8 ISSN 0265-1458

Cobley C - A Cry for Children, Childright 125 (1996) 8-9 ISSN 0265-1458

Cretney S, Douglas G and Bailey-Harris R - Case Reports, Family Law Journal 26 (1996) 8-32; 71-90; 138-150; 202-213; 266-283; 346-355; 398-405; 458-473; 530-542; 602-611; 662-672; 718-727 ISSN 0014-7281

Davies J - Patients' Rights of Access to Their Health Records, Medical Law International 2 (1996) 189-213 ISSN 0968-5332

Davis C, Johnson H, Miller C, Robertshaw PEM, Rudin M and Walden I (Editors) - Communications Law 1 (1996) pp264 ISSN 1361-9918

Doe N - The Legal Framework of the Church of England: A Critical Study in a Comparative Context, The Clarendon Press, Oxford (1996) pp543 ISBN 0-19-826220-5

Doe N - Les Églises Anglicanes du Royaume Uni: La Loi et L'ordination des Femmes à la Prêtrise, Revue de Droit Canonique 46 (1)(1996)59-73 ISSN 0556-7378

Doe N and Young J - Law and Administration in England From the Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century Jahrbuch Für Europäische Verwaltungsgeschichte 8 (1996) 1-18 ISSN 0937-7107

Doe N - Marginalising Law in the Church of England, English Clergy Association - Parson and Parish, English Clergy Association, Birmingham (1996) 8-17

Donson F - Benham v UK: Human Rights and Poll Tax Imprisonment Journal of Civil Liberties 1, (2)(1996)139-148 ISSN 1362-3451

Donson F - Case Analysis - Right of Liberty, Right to a Fair Trial, Journal of Civil Liberties, 1 (3)(1996)259-263 ISSN 1362-3451

Donson F and Lee R, - Environmental Protection: Public or Private Law? Judicial Review, 1 (1)(1996)56-59 ISSN 1085-4681

Douglas G and Fennell P - Health and Social Services, Chap 21, Cross on Local Government Law, 9th Edition, ( Editor Stephen Bailey), Sweet and Maxwell, London (1996) 21-001 - 21-103 ISBN 0-421-42980-1

Douglas G, Murch M and Perry A - Supporting Children When Parents Separate - A Neglected Family Justice or Mental Health Issue? Child and Family Law Quarterly 8, (2)(1996) 121-135 ISSN 1358-8184

Fegan E - Fathers' Foetuses and Abortion Decision-Making: the Reproduction of Maternal Ideology in Canadian Judicial Discourse Social and Legal Studies Journal 5 (1)(1996)75-93 ISSN 0964-6639

Fegan E - Ideology After Discourse: A Reconceptualisation for Feminist Analyses of Law, Journal of Law and Society 23 (2)(1996)173-197 ISSN 0263-323X

Fegan E - Review of 'Voices From Within: Women Who Have Broken the Law', Evelyn K Sommers, University of Toronto Press, Toronto (1995) ISBN 8-8020-7449-9, Journal of Law and Society 23 (3)(1996)434-441 ISSN 0263-323X

Field S - Judicial Supervision and the Pre-trial Process, Prosecution in Common Law Jurisdictions (Editor A Sanders), Dartmouth, Aldershot, (1996) 119-135 ISBN 1-8552-1460-1

Foster N G - German Legal System and Laws, 2nd edition, Blackstone Press, London (1996) pp lvi + 419 ISBN 1-85431-450-5.

Foster N G (Editor) - EC Legislation, 7th Edition, (1995) Blackstone Press, pp xii + 504 ISBN 1-85431-560-9.

Gibson J, Peterson C, Wagner J and Windsor E - Black Sea Environmental Programme: Integrated Coastal Zone Management Guidance for the Black Sea Countries, Commission of the European Communities, Brussels (1996) pp 112

Gibson J, Caines R, Everard J and Wagner J - Black Sea Environmental Programme: Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Training Manual, Commission of the European Communities, Brussels (1996) pp 85`

Gibson J and Carpenter K - Managed Retreat: A Guide to Consents and Licences, Environment Agency, Bristol (1996) pp 28+iii

Glass D A - Part 7: Freight Forwarding; Service Update No.6, Contracts for the Carriage of Goods by Land, Sea and Air (Editor D Yates) Lloyds of London Press Ltd, London (1996 - loose leaf update to original published 1993) 94 ISBN 1-85044-481-1

Glass D A - Part 6: Multimodal Transport; Service Update No.6, Contracts for the Carriage of Goods by Land, Sea and Air, (Editor D Yates) Lloyds of London Press Ltd, (1996 - loose leaf update to original published 1993) 129 ISBN 1-85044-481-1

Glover N E and Todd P N - The Myth of Common Intention, Legal Studies 16 (1996) 325-347 ISSN 0-261-3875

Goodman M, Behrens J, Briden T, Bursell R, Doe N, Harte D, Hill M, Jones H, Pix S, Moore P and Watkin T (Editors) - Ecclesiastical Law Journal 4 (1996) pp 692 ISSN 0956-618X

Harden I, White F and Hollingsworth K - Value for Money and Administrative Law, Public Law Journal Winter (1996) 661-681 ISSN 0033-3565

Harden I, White F and Hollingsworth K - The Control and Audit of European Community Spending, Auditorium (Central Government Internal Audit Magazine) Winter, 23 (1996) 8-11

Harpwood V - Legal Issues in Obstetrics, Dartmouth Publishing Co, England (1996) pp 297 ISBN 1-85521-313-3

Harpwood V - Law of Tort, 2nd Edition, Cavendish Publishing Ltd, London (1996) pp 422 ISBN 1-85941-171-1

Harpwood V (Editor) - Health Care Constitutions, Cavendish Publishing Ltd, London (1996) pp 187 ISBN 1-85941-020-0

Harpwood V and Langley D (Editors) Medical Law International 2 (1996) pp 197 ISSN 0968-5332

Harpwood V - The Health Service Commissioner: An Extended Role in the NHS, European Journal of Health Law 3 (1996) 207-209 ISSN 0929-0273

Hollingsworth K, Harden I and White F - The Audit Commission Working Paper 3 - The Changing Constitutional Role of Public Sector Audit (1996) pp 28

Hollingsworth K - Review of 'Regulating in the Public Interest: Looking to the Future', D Corry, IPPR, London (1996) Utilities Law Review 7 (3)(1966)99 ISSN 0960-2356

James R D - Review of 'Limitation Periods in Personal Injury Actions', M A Jones, Blackstone Press, London (1995) ISBN 1-854-31286-3, The Tort Law Review 4, 2 (1996) 161-162 ISSN 1039-3285

Khaliq U - Transexuality and English Law, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 18 (3)(1996)365-373 ISSN 0141-8033

Khaliq U and Manolkidis S - Access to Information in the EU, Communications Law 1, (2)(1996)82-84 ISSN1361-9918

Khaliq U - Review of 'The European Union and Human Rights', (Editors N A Neuwahl and A Rosab Martinuo Nijhoff), Dordrecht (1995) ISBN Maastricht Journal of Eurpean and Comparative Law 3 (1)(1996)97-99 ISSN 1023-263X

Lewis R K (Asst. Editor) - Journal of Law and Society 23 (1996) pp 622 ISSN 0263-323X

Lewis R K (Asst. Editor) - Industrial Law Journal 25 (1996) pp336 ISSN 0305-9332

Lewis R K - The Damages Act 1996, Current Law Statutes (Editor S Andrews et al), Sweet and Maxwell, London (1996) 48-148-9 ISBN 0-8101-0683-3

Lewis R K - The Future of Multipliers and Structured Settlements, Journal of Personal Injury Litigation (1996) 332-338 ISSN 1352-7533

Lowe N - Guardians Lcd Litem and Disclosure, Family Law Journal 26 October (1996) 618-620 ISSN 0014-7281

Lowe N - Placement of Children for Adoption Under the Proposed Adoption Bill, Childright 126, May (1996) 14-18 ISSN 0265-1458

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Lowe N - The Legal Position of Grandparents under the Children Act 1989, The Children Act - What's in it for Grandparents? (3rd Edition) (Editor Grandparents Federation), Grandparents Federation, Harlow Essex (1996) 9-27 ISBN 0-9520-267-1-6

Lowe N and Douglas G (Editors) - Families Across Frontiers, Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, The Netherlands (1996) pp xxii+868 ISBN 90-411-0239-6

Lowe N and Sufrin B - Borrie and Lowe The Law of Contempt (3rd edition), Butterworths, London (1996) pp ixv+707 ISBN 0-406-026-77 7

Lowe N, White R and Carr P (Editors) - Clarke, Hall & Morrison on Children, Butterworths, London (1996 loose leafup-dates 3 times a year) pp 5000+ ISBN 0-4-6-15811-6

Lynn R M - The Law's Impact, Facing Death (Editors P Badham & P Ballard), University of Wales Press, Cardiff (1996) 44-63 ISBN 0-7083-1331-0

Manolkidis S and Khaliq U - Access to Information in the EU, Communications Law 1 (2) (1966) 82-84 ISSN 1361-9918

Merkin R M - Insurance Contract Law, Kluwer Publishing, London (1996 - loose-leaf up-dates 4 times a year since 1989) pp ic +1300 ISBN 0-903393-63-8

Merkin R M and Black J - Copyright and Designs Law, FT Law and Tax, London (1996 loose-leaf up-dates twice a year since 1993) pp xliv+1000 ISBN 085-12-1797-4

Merkin R M - Arbitration Law, LLP Ltd, London (1996 loose-leafup-dates 3 times a year since 1991) pp ixxxiv +1200 ISBN 1-85044-367-X

Merkin R M - The Arbitration Act 1996: An Annotated Guide, LLP Ltd, London (1996) ppxxvi +215 ISBN 1-85978-070-9

Merkin R M - Compendium of Insurance Law, LLP Ltd, London (1996) pp lxxiv+2000 ISBN 1-85044-874-4

Merkin R M, Wareham P and Poole J (Editors) - Encyclopedia of Competition Law, Sweet and Maxwell, London (1996 loose-leaf up-dates 3 times a year since 1987) pp ix+3000+ ISBN 0-0421-36870-5

Merkin R M - Commercial Law, All England Annual Review (Editor Butterworths), Butterworths, London (1996) 44-72 ISBN 0-406-05044-5

Merkin R M - Arbitration Act 1996, The Sanctuary House Case: An Arbitration Workbook (Editor Mark Lato), LLP Ltd, London (1996) 617-636 ISBN 1-85044-853-1

Merkin R M - Insurance Brokers, Modern Law of Marine Insurance (Editor Rhidian Thomas), LLP Ltd, London (1996) 275-304 ISBN 1-85978-033-4

Merkin R M - Business Contracts: Intellectual Property; Competition, Business Law Handbook, (Editor J H Thompson) Kluwer Publishing, London (1996) D.1.1-01 to E13.4.05 ISBN 1-870080-874

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Merkin R M (Editor) - European Law Monitor 5 (1996) pp 144 ISSN 1350-1968

Merkin R M (Editor) - Insurance Law Monthly 8 (1996) pp 144 ISSN 0957-0888

Miers D - Objectives and Systems in the Regulation of Commercial Gambling, Gambling Cultures (Editor Jan McMillen), Routledge, London (1996) 288-310 ISBN 0-415-06820-7

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Niijima K - Issues on the Child Support System in the United Kingdom and its Reform - The Child Support Act 1991 and 1995, The Civil Law in the 21st Century - Festschrift in Honour of Koji Ono (Editors Kobayashi T, Tsuji A, Noguchi M, Furata S, Yamakawa K and Yamaguchi K) Hogaku Shoin, Tokyo, Japan (1996) 670-689 ISBN 4 587-03422-3

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Pribán J - Sociologie práva (Sociology of Law), Sociologické nakladatelství, Praha (1996) pp 197 ISBN 80-85850-18-4

Roberts P - Libel - Parliamentary Privilege - Stay of Proceeding;Allason v Haines and Another, Communications Law 1 (2) (1996) 84-85 ISSN1361-9918

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