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Expert Witness Certificate

Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate

We are responsible for accrediting expert witnesses in partnership with the training provider Bond Solon. For further information in relation to this scheme, please contact Bond Solon directly or view their website at

The accreditation of candidates in respect of the Expert Witness Certificate is undertaken by the Centre for Professional Legal Studies at Cardiff Law School. All results are issued directly by Cardiff Law School

The Law School operates various procedures which can be accessed by candidates registered with Bond Solon as undertaking the Expert Witness Certificate. These procedures are:

  1. Appeals Procedure
    Appeals procedure [10kb]
  1. Extenuating Circumstances Procedure
    Candidates wishing to submit an extenuating circumstances application should use the Law School's extenuating circumstances application form.

    Extenuating circumstances procedure [36kb]
    Extenuating circumstances application form [37kb]
  1. Complaints Procedure
    Complaints procedure [37kb]

Further Information:

Ragini Krishnadas
Course Co-ordinator
Bond Solon Training Ltd
6-14 Underwood Street
London, N1 7JQ.

Office+44(0)20 7549 2549
Fax +44(0)20 7549 2505


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