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United States of America

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Students from the USA come to Cardiff partly in order to qualify as a lawyer in America more quickly and more cheaply than they would if they had stayed their home country. They also are keen to receive a world class education in a stimulating environment, and enjoy the benefits of living in a cosmopolitan European city.

Traditionally the attractions of Cardiff have been passed on by word of mouth, but we are now taking steps to ensure that many more students from the USA are made aware of what we have to offer, and the alternative route that we provide to legal practice in the USA.

The legal relationship between the USA and Britain is founded upon the common law, the English language and strong commercial and social ties. Globalisation has promoted these historic bonds to such an extent that American and British lawyers are increasingly working in partnership and indeed more and more are becoming qualified in the two jurisdictions.

A Shortcut to Qualifying as a Lawyer in USA:

  • The traditional route to legal qualification in the USA is a long and very expensive one. It requires four years of undergraduate education followed by three years of Law School, and finally the passing of the State Bar Examination.
  • The alternative is to study law as an undergraduate in Britain. Admission to British Law Schools is generally straight from the equivalent of a USA High School.
  • The Cardiff LLB law degree is recognised by both the New York and California Bars as leading to professional legal qualification subject to the applicant also passing the State Bar examination. Admission to practice in these states provides a passport to practice in other states.
  • For those who graduate with a Cardiff LLB law degree six month  courses are run in London and on line which tutor for these State Bar examinations.
  • It is therefore possible to qualify as a lawyer in the USA in approximately three and a half years compared to the seven and a half years required if study is undertaken in the USA itself.
  • All our programmes of study at Cardiff strongly emphasise transferable skills, so our students are equipped to succeed not only in a legal career but also in other areas such as commerce or politics.

Admission to Cardiff Law School:

  • No Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is used in selection.
  • Those with first degrees from the USA must have a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0.
  • High School applicants are also accepted – there is no need to wait until you graduate from university.
  • We will consider each application on its individual merit.  Our approach is flexible and also ensures we maintain our high standards. However, generally high school graduates must have the equivalent of -
    • High School graduation with a minimum of B average (3.0 GPA) and
    • The equivalent of satisfactory completion of Advanced Placement or SAT examinations
    • Applicants normally are required to have three AP Grade 4 scores.
      • We will also consider AP scores in less than three subjects if they are supplemented by SAT II scores.  For SAT II scores we look for a minimum grade of 600 in each subject. 
      • We also accept students who have taken any SAT II exams.  You will normally need three subjects studied at SAT II level and a minimum score of 600 in each SAT II paper.
      • The requirements above equate to obtaining ABB at A level in Britain, or 34 points in the International Baccalaureate.
  • Britain operates a system of 'conditional' and 'unconditional' offers. If you have not yet taken your exams, we may make you a conditional offer subject to you achieving certain scores. When you receive your scores we will be able to confirm whether you have met the conditions, and your place is then unconditional.
  • An Entrance Bursary equal to about $1,300 is awarded to each student who obtains the equivalent of AAA at A level  in Britain, or 37 points in the International Baccalaureate. Further scholarships of up to $7,000 are available later depending upon academic performance whilst studying at Cardiff.
  • For our masters degree LLM programmes you must have a first degree in Law or a related discipline.

The Benefits:

  • Study at one of the best known British Law Schools, a member of the “Ivy League” Russell Group comprising the top 20 universities. Take advantage of the world class legal education on offer.
  • Obtain a prestigious degree - three years of Law School leads to the award of the LLB degree (Bachelor of Laws).
  • Save time ­ come straight from High School and qualify as a lawyer in the USA sooner.
  • Save money - tuition fees of around $15,000 are far below those of most USA Law Schools and the cost of living in Cardiff is low.
  • Study abroad to enjoy a ‘life experience’ in a friendly and stimulating environment.
  • Gain the reward of professional qualification.

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