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Russell Sandberg

Email Address: sandbergr@cf.ac.uk

Qualifications: LLB (Wales)

Occupation: Doctoral Student and Associate Tutor, Cardiff Law School

PhD title: 'Religion, Society and Law: An Analysis of the Interface between the Law on Religion and the Sociology of Religion'

Doctoral Associate of the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, Cardiff University. Member of the Society for Legal Scholars, the Socio-Legal Studies Association, the Ecclesiastical Law Society, the Wales Public Law and Human Rights Association, the British Association for the Study of Religions, the British Sociological Association (BSA) and the BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group.


‘Law and religion’; that is, the study of (a) state law on religions ('religion law': church-state relations; religion and human rights, discrimination law, criminal law) and (b) the internal laws or other regulatory instruments of religious groups (‘religious law’: ecclesiastical law, canon law).

The doctoral thesis aims to construct a ‘sociology of law and religion’; to study the relationship between religion, law and society (synthesising insights from (a) law and religion (b) sociology of religion and (c) sociology of law)

Other legal interests: Criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, discrimination law, human rights, legal history, media law, sociology of law.



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(With M Hill and N Doe) ‘The Canon Law of the Anglican Communion’ Austrian Archive of Law and Religion


(With N Doe and M Hill) contributing to Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law in the area of ecclesiastical law (commissioned, ongoing contributions).

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'Sociologia del diritto delle religion' ('the sociology of the law on religion', Dizionario del Sapere Storico - Religioso del Noveceto (a Dictionary of Religious Studies in the Twentieth Century) (In Print)


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‘Church-State Relations in Europe: Towards a New Legal Model’ Religion and Politics in the Construction of the European Union Conference (London School of Economics, 16th June 2007)

‘Drawing a Veil on Human Rights? Islamic Dress and English Law’ Legal Practice and Cultural Diversity Conference, (London, 9-11th July 2007)

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