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Working Papers

This collection of Working Papers brings together papers by Centre members.

The series includes conference papers, draft articles and comments and other pieces which have not been previously published. It also includes papers already available on other sections of the site, such as papers presented to the Interfaith Legal Advisers Network.

Papers by Date

  1. Russell Sandberg and Norman Doe, 'Order and Canon Law of the Church of England' (2007)
  2. Russell Sandberg, 'The Sociology of Law on Religion' (2007)
  3. Mark Hill QC, 'Civil Partners and Religious Organisations'(2008)
  4. Frank Cranmer, 'Who is a Jew? Jewish Faith Schools and the Race Relations Act 1976' (2010)
  5. Russell Sandberg, 'The Implications of the Court of Appeal Decision in Ladele'(2010)
  6. Frank Cranmer, 'Notes on Church and State in Western Europe'(2010)
  7. Norman Doe, 'The Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus: An Anglican Juridical Perspective' (2010)
  8. Mark Hill, 'Litigating Religious Rights' (2011)
  9. Russell Sandberg, 'Submission to the Consultation on Legal Intervention on Religion or Belief Rights' (2011)
  10. Frank Cranmer, 'The Big Society: A Socio-theological Perspective' (2011)
  11. Russell Sandberg, 'The Adventures of Religious Freedom' (2012)
  12. Frank Cranmer, 'Response to Commission on a Bill of Rights, Second Consultation'(2012)
  13. Konstantinos Margaritis, 'A Constitutional Proposal on Religious Freedom in Greece' (2015)
  14. Frank Cranmer, Norman Doe, David Harte and Russell Sandberg,‘Response to Consultation on the Place and Role of Religion and Belief in Contemporary Britain by the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life’ (2015)
  15. Russell Sandberg, 'Not a Sharpe Turn'(2015)

Papers by Author

Frank Cranmer

Norman Doe

David Harte

Mark Hill QC

Konstantinos Margaritis,

Russell Sandberg

Papers are also available from the 2011 meeting of European Consortium for Church and State Research on ‘Religion and Discrimination Law in the European Union’.

Further Information