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Centre members have written essays in several edited volumes, and hundreds of articles, comments, and case notes in a range of journals, including Public Law, Cambridge Law Journal, Law Quarterly Review, Modern Law Review, Family Law, International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church and the Journal of Anglican Studies, Sri Lankan Journal of International Law, Law & Justice, Emory International Law Review, Religion Compass, L’année canonique (Paris), Staatskirchenrechtliche Abhandlungen (Berlin), Anuario de Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado (Madrid), Revue de Droit Canonique (Strasbourg), Jurist (Washington), and Annuario di Diritto Comparato delle Religioni (Daimon) (Milan).

Centre members contributed to 2010 edition of Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law, revising all of the entries in the area of Ecclesiastical Law.

Mark Hill QC is the consultant editor of the Ecclesiastical Law Journal, David Harte is its Book Review Editor and Frank Cranmer is its Parliament & Synod Editor.  Frank Cranmer is also the Co-Case Book Editor (with Dr Russell Sandberg) and Editor for Government and Parliamentary News for Law & Justice and Dr Javier Oliva is its Book Review Editor.


Mark Hill QC presenting the Ecclesiastical Law Journal at the Supreme Court

Professor the Worshipful Mark Hill QC presents the Ecclesiastical Law
Journal to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. The Bishop of
Guildford and Rebecca O'Rourke of Cambridge University Press in


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