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2008 Publications

Publications by Members of the Centre in 2008 include:

G Cameron, ‘A Tortoise in a Hurry: The Ordering of the Anglican Communion’ (2008) 8(2) International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 69-80

P Colton, ‘The Pursuit of a Canonical Definition of Membership of the Church of Ireland’ (2008) 10(1) Ecclesiastical Law Journal 3-3

F Cranmer, ‘The Archbishop and Sharia’ (2008) 160 Law & Justice 3-4

F Cranmer, ‘A Court of Law, not of Morals?’ (2008) 160 Law & Justice 13-24

F Cranmer and T Heffer, ‘Necessary to Salvation? The Canon Law of the Church of England and the Interpretation of Scripture’ (2008) 10(2) Ecclesiastical Law Journal 137-160

N Doe, An Anglican Covenant: Theological and Legal Considerations for a Global Debate (Canterbury Press, London 2008)

N Doe, ‘The Contribution of Common Principles of Canon Law to Ecclesial Communion in Anglicanism’ (2008) 10(1) Ecclesiastical Law Journal 71-91; reprinted (2008) 8(2) International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 93-111

N Doe, ‘The First Ten Years of the Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff University’ (2008) 10 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 222-233

A Harlow, F Cranmer and N Doe, ‘Bishops in the House of Lords: A Critical Analysis’ [2008] Public Law 490-509

M Hill, ‘Communion, Covenant and Canon Law: A Challenge and Opportunity for the Anglican Communion and the 2008 Lambeth Conference’ (2008) 8(2) International journal for the Study of the Christian Church 63-68

J G Oliva, ‘Religious Freedom in Transition: Spain’ (2008) 36 (3) Religion, State and Society 269-281

J G Oliva, ‘Blasphemy and “Jerry Springer: the Opera”’(2008) 13(2) Communications Law 56-57

J G Oliva, ‘Religious symbols in the classroom: a controversial issue in the United Kingdom’ [2008] 3 Brigham Young University Law 877-896

J G Oliva, ‘Religious freedom in transition: Spain’ (2008) 36 (3) Religion, State and Society 269-281

J G Oliva, ‘Public authorities and religious denominations in Italy and Spain’ in R Morris (ed), Church and State: Some Reflections on Church Establishment in England (The Constitution Unit, University College London 2008) 41-50

J G Oliva, ‘La cuestión de la simbología religiosa en el Reino Unido’ (2008) 16 Revista General de Derecho Canónico y Eclesiástico del Estado (publicada en el portal jurídico de internet

Robert Ombres OP, 'L'Autorita' Religiosa nei Frati Predicatori come Ordine Mendicante' (2008) 85 Angelicum 947-963 [‘'Religious Authority in the Friars Preachers as a  Mendicant Order']

A Pearce, ‘Coupledom: The Meaning of Civil Partnership’ (2008) 158 (7328) New Law Journal 951-953

R Sandberg, ‘Controversial Recent Claims to Religious Liberty’ (2008) 124 Law Quarterly Review 213-217

R Sandberg, ‘Gods and Services: Religious Groups and Sexual Orientation Discrimination’ (2008) 10(2) Ecclesiastical Law Journal 205-209

R Sandberg, ‘Defining Religion: Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach’ (2008) 17  Revista General de Derecho Canónico y Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado1-23

R Sandberg, ‘Church-State Relations in Europe: From Legal Models to an Interdisciplinary Approach’ (2008) 1 Journal of Religion in Europe 329-352

R Sandberg and N Doe, ‘The Strange Death of Blasphemy’ 71 (6) (2008) Modern Law Review971-987


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