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2007 Publications

Publications by Members of the Centre in 2007 include:

Gregory Cameron, ‘Ardour and Order: Can the Bonds of Affection Survive in the Anglican Communion?’ (2007) 9 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 288

Paul Colton, ‘Religious Entities in Ireland as Legal Persons’ in L Friedner (ed), Churches and Other Religious Organisations as Legal Persons (Peeters, 2007) 125

Frank Cranmer, ‘Eternal vigilance?: the Serious Crime Bill’ The Friend 22 June 2007.

Frank Cranmer, ‘Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) v General Assembly of The Free Church of Scotland: A Note’ (2007) 9 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 94

Frank Cranmer, ‘Quaker Governance and Charities Legislation’ (2007) 9 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 202

Eithne D’Auria, ‘Sacramental Sharing in Roman Catholic Canon Law: A Comparison of Approaches in Great Britain, Ireland and Canada’ (2007) 9(3) Ecclesiastical Law Journal 264

Norman Doe, 'The Anglican Covenant Proposed by the Lambeth Commission' (2007) 7 International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 46

Mark Hill, Ecclesiastical Law (2007, 3rd ed, Oxford University Press)

Mark Hill, 'The State and Religious Communities in the United Kingdom', in H Kobayashi (ed) Church and State Towards Protection for Freedom of Religion: International Conference on Comparative Constitutional Law 2005 (Tokyo 2006)

Mark Hill, 'Iglesia y Estado: Derechos y Obligaciones en una Constitución Emergente' in J Matínez-Torrón (ed) Estado y Religion en la Constitución Espanola y en la Constitución Europea (Granada, 2006)

Mark Hill, ‘Uncivil Partnership with the State’ (2007) Church Times 2 February

Mark Hill and Russell Sandberg 'Muslim Dress in English Law: Lifting the Veil on Human Rights' (2006)Vol 1 Derecho y Religión 302

Mark Hill and Russell Sandberg, ‘Is Nothing Sacred? Clashing Symbols in a Secular World’ [2007] Public Law 488

Anthony Jeremy, 'Practical Implications of the Enactment of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006' (2007) 9 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 187

Javier Oliva, 'The Legal Protection of Believers and Beliefs in the United Kingdom' (2007) 9 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 66

Javier Oliva, ‘British Ideas for the Teaching of Religion in State Schools in Spain’ (2007) 158 Law and Justice 54

Javier Oliva, ‘Les confessions religieuses au Royaume-Uni’, in Jean-Pierre Bastian et Francis Messner (ed.), Minorités religieuses dans l’espace européen. Approches sociologiques et juridiques, (Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 2007) 321

Javier Oliva, Norman Doe and Cristiana Cianitto, ‘Medically assisted procreation in Italy: the referendum and the Roman Catholic Church’ Ethics, Law and Society Vol III, (Ashgate, 2007) 269

Robert Ombres, ‘The Causes of Saints: A Papal Pronouncement and New Measures’ (2007) 9(3) Ecclesiastical Law Journal 301

Russell Sandberg, ‘Flags, Beards and Pilgrimages: A Review of the Early Case Law on Religious Discrimination’ (2007) 9 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 87

Russell Sandberg, ‘Religion and Morality: A Socio-Legal Approach’ (2007) 8 DISKUS (online)

Russell Sandberg and Norman Doe, ‘Religious Exemptions in Discrimination Law’ (2007) 66(2) Cambridge Law Journal 302

Russell Sandberg and Norman Doe, ‘Church-State Relations in Europe’ (2007) 1(5) Religion Compass 561

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