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2006 Publications

Publications by Members of the Centre in 2006 include:

F. Cranmer, with S. Peterson, `Employment, sex discrimination and the churches: the Percy case`, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 392

F. Cranmer, `Parliamentary Report` (on ecclesiastical legislation), 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 346,479

F. Cranmer, with T. Heffer, `”Necessary to salvation”: the canon law of the Church of England and the interpretation of scripture`, 6 Daimon (Milan) (2006).

F. Cranmer, (ed) Locus Standi Reports on Private Bills in Parliament: HC 1707 of Session 2005–06 (London: The Stationery Office Ltd 2006). [LSR 1991–2006]

F.Cranmer, ‘A background note: the House of Commons and the Freedom of Information Act 2000’, in Richard A Chapman and Michael Hunt (eds): Open Government in a Theoretical and Practical Context (Aldershot: Ashgate 2006)

N. Doe, with R. Puza (eds), Religion and Law in Dialogue: Covenantal and Non-Covenantal Cooperation between State and Religion in Europe, Proceedings of the European Consortium or Church and State Research (Leuven, 2006).

N. Doe, `Ordination, canon law and pneumatology: validity and vitality in Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue`, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 406

M. Hill, 'Iglesia y Estado: Derechos y Obligaciones en una Constitución Emergente' in J Matínez-Torrón (ed), Estado y Religion en la Constitución Espanola y en la Constitución Europea (Granada, 2006)

A. Jeremy, `The Seventh Colloquium of Anglican and Roman Catholic Canon Lawyers, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 484

A. McGrath, `A question of interpretation: the Roman Rota and the theology of marriage`, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 425

R. Sandberg, 'Research in Progress - Religion, Society and Law: An Analysis of the Interface Between the Law on Religion and the Sociology of Religion' British Association for the Study of Religions Bulletin 107 (March 2006) 20-22

R. Sandberg, with N. Doe, `The “State of the Union” – a canonical perspective: principles of canon law in the Anglican Communion`, 49.2 Sewanee Theological Review (2006) 234-246

R. Sandberg, `To equality and beyond: religious discrimination and the Equality Act 2006, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 470

R. Sandberg, `Human rights and human remains: the impact of Dodsbo v Sweden`, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 453

R. Sandberg, 'A Whitehall Farce? Defining and Conceptualising the British Civil Service’ (2006) Public Law 653-663

G. Cameron & N. Doe contributed to, `Toward an Anglican Covenant`, on the website of the Anglican Communion Office.

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