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Dr. Javier García Oliva


Qualifications: LLM, PhD

Occupation: Lecturer in Law, Manchester University

Law of the State concerning religious denominations
Human rights
Devolution of powers
Comparative Law
Law, sociology and religious bodies

Sample Publications:


‘El Reino Unido: un Estado de Naciones, una pluralidad de Naciones’, Comares, Granada [2004]


‘Consideraciones sobre la relación entre la Iglesia y el Estado en Inglaterra’ (Considerations on the Church of England and its relationship with the State), XVII Anuario de Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado, 363-437 [2001]
‘The Concept of National Church: the United Kingdom and Spain’ [with N. Doe], XIV Sri Lanka Journal of International Law 1-22 [2002]
‘Sociology, law and religion in the United Kingdom’, 153 Law and Justice, 8-26 [2004]
‘Sociology, law and religion in Italy and Spain’ [with J.A. Alberca de Castro],153 Law and Justice, 44-67 [2004]
‘The Catholic Church and the Socialist Government in Spain: Irreconciliable differences?’, 37 Ecclesiastical Law Journal, 199-205 [2005]
'The Legal Protection of Believers and Beliefs in the United Kingdom' 9 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 66 [2007]
‘British Ideas for the Teaching of Religion in State Schools in Spain’ 158 Law and Justice 54 [2007]
‘Les confessions religieuses au Royaume-Uni’, in Jean-Pierre Bastian et Francis Messner (ed.), Minorités religieuses dans l’espace européen. Approches sociologiques et juridiques, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France 321-332 [2007]
(With Norman Doe and Cristiana Cianitto) ‘Medically assisted procreation in Italy: the referendum and the Roman Catholic Church’ Ethics, Law and Society Vol III, Ashgate, 269-273 [2007]
'Public authorities and religious denominations in Italy and Spain', in R.M. Morris (ed), Church and State: Some reflections on Church establishment in England (Constitution Unit, University College London, 2008), pp 41-50