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Paul Colton


Qualifications: PhD, B.C.L., Dip.Th., M.Phil., LL.M.

Occupation: Bishop of Cork

Publications include:

P. Colton, '‘The Pastoral Care of the Interchurch Family’ SEARCH (1997)

P. Colton, ‘The Law of Patronage of Schools in Ireland’ SEARCH (September, 2006)

P. Colton, `Religion and law in dialogue: covenantal and non-covenantal cooperation of state and religion in Ireland`, in N. Doe, with R. Puza (eds), Religion and Law in Dialogue: Covenantal and Non-Covenantal Cooperation between State and Religion in Europe, Proceedings of the European Consortium or Church and State Research (Leuven, 2006) 93

P. Colton, ‘Religious Entities in Ireland as Legal Persons’ in L Friedner (ed), Churches and Other Religious Organisations as Legal Persons (Peeters, 2007) 125

P. Colton, ‘The Pursuit of a Canonical Definition of membership of the Church of Ireland’ (2008) 10 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 3

P. Colton, ‘The Financing of Religious Communities in Ireland’ in B. Basdevant-Gaudemet and S Berlingo The Financing of Religious Communities in the European Union: Le Financement des religions dans les pays d l’Union europeéne (2009, Peeters, Leuven, Louvain).

P. Colton,‘Schools and the Law:  A Patron’s Introspection’ in Irish Educational Studies Vol.28 (3) [2009].

P. Colton,'Irlande' in F.Messner (ed.) "Dictionnaire Droit des Religions" (2010, CNRS Éditions, Paris) Pp 401-408 

P. Colton,'Religion in Criminal Law in Ireland' in N Doe and M Kotiranta (eds), Religion and Criminal Law – Religion et Droit Pénal(Peeters, Leuven, 2013)