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Rebecca Catto

Email Address:


BA Hons Theology (Oxford)
MA Anthropology and Sociology of Religion (KCL)
PhD Sociology (Exeter)

Occupation: Research Fellow, Centre for Social Relations, Coventry University

Convenor of the British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group, co-editor of the Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme book series, and a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths' Faiths and Civil Society Unit.

Interests: 'reverse mission'; religion in modern Europe; state/religion relations; globalization and identity; postcolonialism


Catto, R. and Davie, G. 2008 ‘İnglitere’(Great Britain) in Avrupa Birliği Ülkererinde Din-Devlet İlişkisi (State and Religion in Europe) edited by A. Köse and T. Küçükcan, 151-174. Istanbul: ISAM (English translation to follow).

Catto, R. 2008 ‘Has mission been reversed? Reflections on sociological research with non-western Christian missionaries in England’ in Migration and Mission: Papers read at the biennial conference of the British and Irish Association for Mission Studies at Westminster College, Cambridge 2 – 5th July 2007, edited by S. Spencer. Sheffield: Cliff College Publishing.

Review of ‘Religion in an Expanding Europe edited by T. A. Byrnes and P. J. Katzenstein’ (2008) 9(3) Journal of International Migration and Integration, September 2008, 339-340.

Sandberg, R. and Catto, R. ‘Law and Sociology: Toward a Greater Understanding of Religion’ in Law and Religion: New Horizons edited by N. Doe and R Sandberg Peeters, 2010.

R Catto, ‘What can we say about today's British religious young person? Findings from the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme’. Religion. Online 6 November 2013:

R Catto and J Eccles ‘(Dis)Believing and Belonging: Investigating the Narratives of Young British Atheists’. Temenos  (2013) 49(1): 37-63.

R Catto, ‘Accurate Diagnosis? Exploring Convergence and Divergence in Non-Western Missionary and Sociological Master Narratives of Christian Decline in Western Europe’. (2013) Transformation 30(1): 31-45.

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