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Leon van den Broeke

Rev. Dr. Leon van den Broeke is Assistant Professor Religion, Law & Society and Church Polity at the Faculty of Theology of the VU University in Amsterdam. He set up the Centre for Religion and Law at the VU University in 2001 and is Chair of the centre where theologians and jurists collaborate in this field. At the Faculty of Law, he directs with a colleague the module Religious Communities and Law. As the Chair of the Centre for Religion and Law he has organised conferences on the Church and State, the Lay Preacher, the Bishop, Holy and Sacred Places, Registration of Religious Communities and Religion, and Law and the Body of a Child. He has twice served as Visiting Research Fellow in the United States of America. Recently he was guest lecturer at the Faculty of Canon Law in Leuven, Belgium. His doctoral dissertation was about the History of the Classis in Reformed church polity (Een geschiedenis van de classis: Classicale typen tussen idee en werkelijkheid 1571-2004, Kok: Kampen, 2005).