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Mary Ayad

Qualifications: BA (University of Colorado); MA (The School for International Training Graduate Institute); MA (University of Malta, Faculty of Laws, Distinction); PhD (Macquarie School of Law); GDL (Oxford Brookes)

Occupation: Former Convenor and Law Lecturer at Macquarie School of Law; currently gaining qualification to be solicitor in England and Wales; Founder of Sanhuri Society for Legal Professionals; 15 years of consulting in matters with respect to the Middle East and international commerce and international management.

Interests: International Commercial Arbitration; International Investment Arbitration; Comparative Law; Comparative Religion; International Human Rights; Rule of Law; Business Law; Public International Law; Private International Law; Contract Law; Intercultural Relations; Cross-Cultural Training; Commercial Law; Middle Eastern Commercial Law; International Management

1.      Ayad, MB, A Model Harmonised International Arbitration Law Code for the Middle East and North Africa, Springer Publishers, September 2013, Forthcoming. ISBN 978-3-642-38194-2.

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Industry Publications and White Papers
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