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Theodosios Tsivolas


Email Address:

LL.M., Ph.D. (National University of Athens, Faculty of Law)

Attorney at Law (Athens Bar Association)

Translation in Greek of the ECHR Decision (16.12.2004) Supreme Holy Council of the Muslim Community v. Bulgaria and relevant Case Note in: Nomokanonika 2/2006, p. 113-141
Case Note on Decision 1877/2006 of the Hellenic Council of State in: Nomokanonika 1/2007, p. 56-59

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The Constitutional Protection of Religious Environment”, in: Nomokanonika 1/2009, p. 41-68

The Cultural Semiotic System of the Sacred Canons”, in: Synaxi 113 (2010) p. 20-24

Case Note on Decision 828/2009 of the Hellenic Council of State, in: Nomokanonika 1/2010, p. 104-105

Case Note on Decision 457/2010 of the Hellenic Council of State, in: Nomokanonika 2/2010, p. 140-141

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Book review: N. Doe, Law and Religion in Europe: A Comparative introduction, Oxford University Press: 2011, in: Nomokanonika 1/2013, p. 125-126

The legal protection of religious cultural goods in Greece” [=Library of Ecclesiastical Law, Vol. 7, Director: I. M. Konidaris], Athens – Thessaloniki: Sakkoulas Publications

The legal protection of religious cultural heritage in Europe, Springer Verlag (to be published in 2014)