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Celia Kenny


Qualifications: B.A.(Hons); M.Th; M.Phil; Ph.D.

Occupation: Researcher, writer and lecturer. 


Publications include:

"Not To Compel But To Conjure: the bible in pluralist context." Search: A Church of Ireland Journal. Winter, 2013.
“Law and the Art of Defining Religion.” Ecclesiastical Law Journal, January 2014.
"Practising A-Tonal Ethics: the loss of old certainties as the ground of our hope." in Peter Admirand, ed., Loss and Hope: Global, Interreligious and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. London: Bloomsbury Academic (forthcoming).
“Public Place; Private Face: veiling as a challenge for the concept, forum internum/forum externum.” Russell Sandberg, ed. Religion and Legal Pluralism. Surrey:Ashgate (forthcoming).