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‘Law, Religious Freedoms and Education in Europe’ Published

Mar 2012

A new book published by Ashgate as part of their Cultural Diversity and Law series includes a number of chapters by members of the Centre for Law and Religion.

Edited by Myriam Hunter-Henin of UCL, ‘Law, Religious Freedoms and Education in Europe’ includes the following chapters by Centre members:

- ‘Religion, Regionalism and Education in the United Kingdom: Tales from Wales’ by Centre Associates Dr Russell Sandberg and Anna Buchanan

- ‘The Controversy Surrounding the Denominational Teaching of Religion in Spanish State Schools’ by Centre Associate Dr Javier Oliva

- ‘Beating People is Wrong: Campbell and Cosans, Williamson and their Aftermath’ by Centre Fellow Frank Cranmer

- ‘Bracelets, Rings and Veils: The Accommodation of Religious Symbols in the Uniform Policies of English Schools’ by Centre Fellow and Honorary Professor Mark Hill QC

- ‘A Uniform Approach to Religious Discrimination? The Position of Teachers and Other School Staff in the UK’ by Dr Russell Sandberg

The chapters are based on papers originally presented at a Conference Organised by The Institute of Global Law at UCL and Maison Française d’Oxford on ‘Law, Religion and Education’ on 8-9th October 2010.

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