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Law and Religion Scholars Network


Controversies surrounding the wearing of Islamic dress, Catholic adoption agencies, and the status of Sharia law underscore the growing topicality and importance of law and religion. It is not surprising therefore that the last twenty years has seen the gradual development of law and religion as an area of academic study.

The Law and Religion Scholars Network (LARSN) is designed to bring together for the first time academics who are interested in all areas of law and religion: national and international law affecting religion and religious law.

The Network, an initiative of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff Law School, allowS those interested in the field to share experiences and ideas, to build links in relation to both research and teaching and to reflect upon how law and religion can be promoted as a mainstream legal discipline.

Questions concerning LARSN can be directed to Dr Russell Sandberg


LARSN Conference 2011LARSN Conference 2011LARSN Conference 2011


Eric Kemp Prizes - Ecclesiastical Law Society

Teachers of courses on law and religion which contain ‘a significant element relating to ecclesiastical law’ are invited to apply for the provision of prizes.

The Ecclesiastical Law Society was founded in 1987 with the purpose of promoting the study of ecclesiastical and canon law, particularly in the Church of England and those churches in communion with it. In conjunction with Cambridge University Press, the Society publishes the Ecclesiastical Law Journal. This is issued three times a year, providing ‘authoritative coverage and incisive commentary’ upon the laws applicable to Anglican churches and also to other religions and faith communities, from ecumenical, international, social, historical, theological and comparative perspectives. The membership subscription to the Society includes the Journal together with information about Society conferences, lectures and other activities.

In furtherance of its educational aims, the Society provides  prizes for university degree courses which contain a significant element relating to ecclesiastical law. These are awarded to the student on a course who produces the best performance in the subject for the year. Since 2010, these Ecclesiastical Law Society prizes have been named in honour of the Rt Revd Dr Eric Kemp (1915 – 2009), Bishop of Chichester and a distinguished canon lawyer, who was the first President of the Society.

Course Directors of subjects which are eligible for the award of an Eric Kemp prize are invited to seek recognition of their course from the Society for the award of a prize. Students taking such courses may join the Society for that year and their remaining full time legal studies at a special reduced rate. Recognition is currently given for relevant modules on the LLB degrees at Bangor, Cardiff, Durham and Oxford Brookes. Eligible courses may be particularly concerned with the ‘religious law’ of the Church of England and of other Christian churches. However, courses giving more general treatment to law and religion will also be favourably considered, provided they contain significant elements of ecclesiastical law.

Application should be made to the Society Administrator from whom more information may be obtained. Course directors who apply should provide copies of their course syllabus, names of staff who will be teaching the subject and the current or estimated numbers of students. Where a prize is provided, the course director is asked to provide, as soon as possible after the examination results are available, the name and address of the candidate nominated by the appropriate university authority as having produced the best performance in the year. Notice should also be given of numbers who took the course and any alterations in the syllabus and of teachers for the following year.

For application or information please contact:

Mr Andrew Male, the Ecclesiastical Law Society Administrator
1 The Sanctuary
London SW1P 3JT                                           Tel: 01483 850571

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