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The Interfaith Legal Advisers Network

Laws and Regulations

One of the agreed aims of the Interfaith Legal Advisers Network is to collect together the laws and regulations of religious groups as both a physical and electronic resource housed at the Centre for Law and Religion.

Electronic links to laws and regulations of religious groups will appear here.  To recommend a link email Russell Sandberg at

Baptist Union

Model Trusts and other documents

Catholic Church

Code of Canon Law (1983) - English
Code of Canon Law (1983) - Latin
Code of Canons for Oriental Churches (1992)

Church in Wales


Church of England

Subordinate Legislation
Legal Services
Church Representation Rules
Ecclesiastical Law (The Online Legal Resource Site of Mark Hill)

Church of Ireland


Church of Scotland

Church of Scotland Act 1921
Articles Declaratory of the Constitution of the Church of Scotland
Barrier Act 1697
Acts of the General Assembly
Regulations of the General Assembly
Westminster Confession of Faith
Church Constitution
McGillivray's Introduction to Practice and Procedure in the Church of Scotland
Law Department circulars

Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales

Form of Government

Free Church of Scotland

Book of Church Procedure

Islamic Law Resources

UK Centre for Legal Education
Muslim Arbitration Tribunal

Jewish Law Resources

Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester

Methodist Church

Constitutional Practice and Discipline

Methodist Church in Ireland

Manual of Laws

Metropolitan Community Churches


Presbyterian Church in Ireland

The Code - The book of The Constitution and Government

Presbyterian Church of Wales

Book of Order and Rules


Quaker Faith and Practice

Scottish Episcopal Church

Code of Canons

Seventh-day Adventist Church



Sikh Reht Maryada - Code of Conduct and Conventions

United Reformed Church

The Manual


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