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The Interfaith Legal Advisers Network

Seventh Meeting (November 2013)

Some members of ILAN met in Rome, at the Venerable English College, Wednesday 13 November 2013, at a symposium on Christian law. They shared the work of ILAN with jurists from seven Christian traditions worldwide. The event was convened and chaired by Professor Mark Hill QC and discussion for the day was focussed on a presentation by Professor Norman Doe, Director of the Centre for Law and Religion, on the category of principles of Christian law. The group discussed the extent to which in spite of doctrinal differences the laws and other regulatory systems of church families worldwide link Christians in common norms of conduct and thereby in shared actions.

The first of its kind in the UK, the Interfaith Legal Advisers Network (ILAN) was established by Cardiff Law School’s Centre of Law and Religion in December 2007. The Network seeks to facilitate an ongoing discussion providing members with a greater understanding of their respective religious legal systems and the common legal issues they face.

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