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Visiting Scholars (2007)

During the summer of 2007, Irene Briones spent two months at the Centre for Law and Religion, researching religious diversity and interfaith marriages, under the guidance of the Director, Professor Norman Doe. Irene is also very grateful to Eithne D’Auria for her assistance.

During this time, Irene wrote an article, entitled ‘'La disciplina y el castigo físico de los menores: del terreno de la conciencia y de la autonomía a la ilegalidad en el Reino Unido'’, which is awaiting publication in Revista de Derecho Canónico y Derecho Eclesiástico del Estado. She also prepared a seminar on ‘Children and Religion’, which was presented on the LLM in Canon Law at St Michael’s College, Llandaff, in December 2007. Much of her work will also be presented in the Human Rights Institute at the University of Complutense in Madrid, Spain, where she is to teach for four months.

In September 2007, the Centre welcomed the visit of Alexandra Araujo, a doctoral candidate at the University of Navarra, Pamplona, who is to stay until December, studying religion and EU integration.

Japanese Professors Visit (September 2007)

On 24 September 2007, the Centre for Law and Religion welcomed three academics sponsored by the government of Japan who are in the UK to research the relationship between the State and religious organisations, particularly the financing of religion. A seminar was held on this subject with Centre members Norman Doe, Russell Sandberg, Eithne D`Auria and Gareth Powell. The visitors, who also explained the role of Shintoism in Japan, were: Makato Ohishi, Professor of Law, Kyoto University; Kensuke Ueda, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, Kinki University, Osaka; and Kazuaki Harada, Professor at Yokohama National University.

The professors very kindly presented a book with the proceedings of an International Conference on Comparative Constitution Law, which was attended by centre member Professor Mark Hill in 2005, entitled Church and State: Towards Protection for Freedom of Religion.



Authors: Norman Doe and Russell Sandberg

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