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J. David C. Harte

Email Address: j.d.c.harte@ncl.ac.uk

Qualifications: MA , LLM, Barrister

Occupation: Senior Lecturer in Law, Newcastle Law School, Newcastle University,

Interests: The relationship between law and religion generally, and in particular the legal frameworks for pluralism by contrast with secularism; Church heritage law; The legal framework for religion in schools.

Publications include:

Law after Death, or 'Whose Body is it?' The Legal Framework for the Remembrance of the Dead", in Ritual and Remembrance: Responses to Death in Human Societies, edited by Jon Davies, 1994, Sheffield Academic Press, pp. 200 - 237.
"A Christian Approach to Environmental Law", in Christian Perspectives on Law Reform, edited by P. Beaumont, 1998, Paternoster, pp. 51 - 82.
“Influences of Church and State on the English School System: Country Report, England” , in Öffentliches Schulwesen im Spannungsfield von Staat und Kirche , edited by Eibe Riedel, (proceedings of the Public Law section of the German Association for Comparative Law), Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 1998, pp. 53 - 87.
“Religious Education and Worship in State Schools, in English Canon Law; Essays in Honour of Bishop Eric Kemp”, edited by Norman Doe, Mark Hill and Robert Ombres, 1998, Cardiff, University of Wales Press, pp. 115 - 127.
“Legal Aspects of Development and the Church in the Countryside”, chapt. 10 in Law, Policy and Development in the Rural Environment, edited by Nicholas Herbert-Young, 1999, Cardiff, University of Wales Press pp. 221 -249.
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"Defining the Legal Boundaries of Orthodoxy for Public and Private Religion in England" in Richard O'Dair and Andrew Lewis, Law and Religion, 4 Current Legal Issues, 2001, Oxford University Press, pp 471 - 495.
“The Legal Framework for Religion in Schools: Enforcement or Enablement?” a chapter in Christian Perspectives on the Limits of Law, edited by P. Beaumont, Paternoster, 2002, pp 35 – 70.
“The Development of the Law of Employment and Education” , a chapter in, Religious Liberty and Human Rights, edited by Mark Hill, University of Wales Press, 2002, pp 159 - 194 .



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