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Professor Norman Doe

Email Address: Doe@cardiff.ac.uk

Qualifications: LLM (Wales), MTh (Oxon), PhD (Cantab), DCL (Lambeth), Barrister

Occupation: Professor, Director of LLM in Canon Law, Cardiff Law School

Positions Held Outside University:

Pusey House, Oxford, Visiting Fellow (1996-97)
University of Paris XI, Professeur associe (1999- ) (lectures on Gratianus Programme in Anglican Canon Law)
European Consortium for Church-State Research, Permanent Member (1998- )
Colloquium of Anglican and Roman Catholic Canon Lawyers (1999- )
Legal Advisory Commission of the Church of England (2001- )
Ecclesiastical Law Society, Member of General Committee (1993- )
Consultant to Anglican Communion Legal Advisers Network (2002- )
Lambeth Commission, Member (2003-4)

Interests: Anglican Canon Law, Comparative Canon Law, Church-State Law

Publications include:


N. Doe, Fundamental Authority in Late Medieval English Law (Cambridge, 1990)
N. Doe, The Legal Framework of the Church of England (Oxford, 1996)
N. Doe, Canon Law in the Anglican Communion (Oxford, 1998)
N. Doe, The Law of the Church in Wales (Cardiff, 2002)
N Doe, An Anglican Covenant: Theological and Legal Considerations for a Global Debate (SCM Canterbury Press, London, 2008)

N. Doe (ed), Essays in Canon Law (Cardiff, 1992)
N. Doe, M. Hill and R. Ombres (eds), English Canon Law (Cardiff, 1998)
N. Doe (ed), The Portrayal of Religion in Europe: Media and Arts (Leuven, 2004)
J. Conn, N. Doe and J. Fox (eds), Initiation, Membership and Authority in Anglican and Roman Catholic Canon Law (Rome, 2005)
R. Puza and N. Doe (eds), Religion and Law in Dialogue: Covenantal and Non-Covenantal Cooperation between State and Religion in Europe (Leuven, 2006)

N. Doe, `Canon law and communion`, 6 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2002) 241
N. Doe, `The common law of the Anglican Communion`, 7 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2003) 4
N. Doe, `The Anglican Covenant proposed by the Lambeth Commission`, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2005) 147
N. Doe, with H. Payne, `Public health and the limits of religious freedom`, 19.2 Emory International Law Review (2005) 539
N. Doe with R. Sandberg, `The “State of the Union” – a canonical perspective: principles of canon law in the Anglican Communion`, 49.2 Sewanee Theological Review (2006) 234
N. Doe, `Ordination, canon law and pneumatology: validity and vitality in Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue`, 8 Ecclesiastical Law Journal (2006) 406
N Doe, 'The Anglican Covenant Proposed by the Lambeth Commission' (2007) 7 International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 46
N. Doe with R. Sandberg, 'Religious Exemptions in Discrimination Law' (2007) 66(2) Cambridge Law Journal 302
N Doe with R Sandberg, 'Church-State Relations in Europe' (2007) 1(5) Religion Compass 561
N Doe with J Oliva and C Cianitto, ‘Medically assisted procreation in Italy: the referendum and the Roman Catholic Church’ Ethics, Law and Society Vol III, (Ashgate, 2007) 269
N Doe, 'The Contribution of Common Principles of Canon Law to Ecclesial Communion in Anglicanism' (2008) 10 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 71

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