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Honorary Research Fellow

Frank Cranmer

Email Address: Frank.Cranmer@centrallobby.com

Qualifications: BA, MA (Dunelm) LLM (Wales) STh (Lambeth)

Occupation: Public Affairs Consultant


(1) church governance, church-state relations, Presbyterian church law.
(2) parliamentary law, human rights law.


‘‘Judicial Review and Church Courts in the Law of Scotland’ [1998] Denning Law Journal 49–66.
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(ed) Locus Standi Reports on Private Bills in Parliament: HC 1707 of Session 2005–06 (London: The Stationery Office Ltd 2006). [LSR 1991–2006]
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(with Sîan Jones and Mark Egan) Private Bill Practice in the House of Commons (London: Clerk's Department, House of Commons 2008) (to be published Easter 2008).


September 2003: Society of Canadian Clerks at the Table Professional Development Seminar, Québec City (by invitation: paper entitled ‘Recent procedural developments in the House of Commons’).
September 2005: First British-Irish Clerks’ Professional Development Seminar, Jesus College, Oxford. (By invitation: paper entitled ‘Legislation as scrutiny’).
July 2006: UCL Constitution Unit Conference on church-state relations at St Katherine’s Foundation (by invitation: paper on recent developments in the constitutional position of the Church of Scotland).
September 2006: Second British-Irish Clerks’ Professional Development Seminar, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh. (by invitation).
3 – 5 April 2007: Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference: University of Kent at Canterbury (paper in the law and religion stream: ‘One Quaker’s view of human rights from a socio-juridical perspective’).
16 June 2007: Religion and Politics in the Construction of the European Union: LSE.
29 June – 1 July 2007: The Atlantic Conversation on Religion in Public Life, St George’s House, Windsor Castle (by invitation: I was asked to make the closing remarks at the session on Theological Perspectives).
13 November 2007: – Ordning och rätt i kyrkan / order and propriety in the Church – Berlingseminariet 2007: Stockholm (by invitation: paper on ‘The Europeanisation of Church Law and the Common Law on Religion in the EU’).
15–17 November 2007: European Consortium for Church and State Research, Nicosia (by invitation).
7 December: Interfaith Legal Advisers’ Network, Cardiff (by invitation: paper on ‘Law and Religion in the United Kingdom: Recent Developments’).

Reports and case notes:

‘Government and Parliament 2006–2007’: (2007) Law & Justice 136–141.
Parliamentary Reports (2006) 8 Ecc LJ 346–350; 479–481; (2007) 9 Ecc LJ 101–104; 208–215; 339–347.
Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) v General Assembly of The Free Church of Scotland (2006) 8 Ecc LJ 375–376.
Church of Scientology Moscow v Russia [2007] ECtHR (no. 18147/02): (2007) Law & Justice 77–78
Gallagher v Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [2006] CA: (2007) 9 Ecc LJ 241–242.
Ivanova v Bulgaria [2007] ECHtR (no. 52435/99): (2007) Law & Justice 78–80
New Testament Church of God v Stewart [2006] EAT (2007) 9 Ecc LJ 239–241.
True Orthodox Church in Moldova and Others v Moldova [2007] ECtHR (no. 952/03): (2007) Law & Justice 80–81
Tysiac v Poland [2007] ECtHR (no. 5410/03): (2007) Law & Justice 81–83
Reaney v Hereford Diocesan Board of Finance [2007] Employment Tribunal No 1602844/2006: (2007) Law & Justice 153–154
Baczkowski and Others v Poland [2007] ECtHR (no. 1543/06): (2007) Law & Justice 156–158
Barankevich v Russia [2007] ECtHR (no. 10519/03): (2007) Law & Justice 158–159
Folgerø and Others v Norway [2007] ECtHR (no. 15472/02): (2007) Law & Justice 159–160
Members of the Gldani Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and Others v Georgia [2007] ECtHR (no 71156/01): (2007) Law & Justice 163–164
Svyato-Mykhaylivska Parafiya v Ukraine [2007] ECtHR 14 June 2007 (Application Number 77703/01): (2007) Law & Justice 160–162

Advice / Consultancy:

At the request of Committee on Culture, Science and Education of the Council of Europe, I drafted the narrative/descriptive sections (paras 16–70) of its Report on State, religion, secularity and human rights [Doc 11298] (available here)




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